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Welcome to Julie Nichole Books!

Julie Nichole Books focuses on inspiring children to explore the world around them and to use their imagination through her fun and engaging children's books. Her main goal is to provide children with books that will keep their minds active and help them to learn important values. Julie Nichole's books are sure to bring joy to young readers!


About The Author:  
Julie Nichole

Julie Nichole is a retired Registered Nurse and mother of two grown daughters.  She grew up in Quincy, Massachusetts and currently lives in New Hampshire with her family and her dog Toby.
In My Heart is the first children’s book she wrote and self-published. She began writing children’s books in the summer of 2022.


Meet Toby

Toby is Julie Nichole's 4 year old Yorkshire Terrier who is featured in many of her children's books.  He is a wonderful, loving, & loyal companion.
Follow along to see what adventure Toby goes on next!

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