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In My Heart Review:
I love the message that this book is bringing to young people. The author uses simple rhyming words and along with the beautiful and colorful illustrations, it captivates young readers. I look forward to the next book from this author. The world sure does need more kindness and the kids here today will be the ones to make changes. Thank you for helping to shape our future Julie Nichole!

Laura E.

In My Heart Review:
Great book for any age to teach about the importance of kindness! 
An easy read for children and great illustrations to make easier for young children to understand. Very important message to send at this time!

Anne Marie J.

In My Heart Review:

Although written as a children’s book, the story is one for all ages.

The illustrations alone tell the story.

The one or two sentences on each page fulfill the message and show that it doesn’t take much to be kind.
Very well done!

Susan L.

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